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Certified Wealth Banker (CWB)

Professional Degree

     Certified Wealth Banker, CWB Level 1:

     Fundamental & Digital Wealth Banking       (Associate Wealth Banker AWB)

     Risk Management & Insurance      


     Certified Wealth Banker, CPB Level 2:

     Ethics & Law

     Pension & Tax Management                       (Qualified Wealth Banker QWB)       


     Certified Wealth Banker, CPB Level 3:

     Practical Management in Wealth Banking  

     Europe International Program                      (Certified Wealth Banker CWB)


BATCH I    :  21 January 2021

BATCH II   :  21 April 2021

BATCH III  :  21 July 2021

BATCH IV :  21 October 2021


Education Online Class

   * Regular Class

   * Excecutive Class


Education In-House Class

   * Regular Class

   * Excecutive Class


Education On Site Class

   * Regular Class

   * Excecutive Class

PBI INSTITUTE (PBI ASSOCIATION) is independent national and international certification, education, training, research & development institute for PRIVATE BANKERS (MONEY MANAGERS), WEALTH BANKERS, and INVESTMENT BANKERS. PBI INSTITUTE was establish effective 21 Sepember 2018 with Inauguration Ceremony in Headquarter LIAT TOWER Singapore and in Secretariat OFFICE 8 TOWER Jakarta. ALLIANZ

PT. Haan Leontama
OFFICE 8 TOWER Lantai 18 A SCBD SUDIRMAN Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan, 12190
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
(021) 29608061
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