Organisation Structure

We are Analysts, Educators and Creators.

Our team has extensive experience in private banking, investment, e-learning, on site learning, and in house learning content development. through partnership with the Global and Local Banking Assurance & Finance Society, we have access to a spacious network of supporters, partners, and companies in different markets across the International and Local.


Board of Chairmans:

• Dina Prasanti, S. Sos., CPB®., CWB®. Chairman & Founder | LCI Asiaeuro Gruppe

• Lewi Mutiara, CPB®., CWB®. Vice Chairman | INDEPENDENT Private Banker | DANAMON Bank  

  Research Education, Professional Standard and Syariah   

• Hendra Mohariz, CPB®. Vice Chairman & Founder | BCA Finance

  Strategic Partnerships & Organization Membership

• Andrian Lubis, CPB®. | INDEPENDENT Private Banker    

  Public Relations & Law Advocation


Corporates Advisors:

  • ING Groep WW
  • LCI Asiaeuro Gruppe
  • CREDIT AGRICOLE Banking Groupe WW
  • EIG Property
  • ALLIANZ Assurance Gruppe
  • BCA Finance
  • EURODAVID Consulting
  • INDOSURYA Finance
  • Astra Jardine CMG Assurance Group

Advisors & Founders:

• Delima Erika H., CPB®., CWB®. (+), Advisor & Founder | LYONWHITE Private Banker | LCI Asiaeuro Gruppe  

• Ricky Leonard CPB®., CWB®., FSAI., CIB®., AAAIJ. Advisor & Founder


• Stephanie Dausque, CPB®., CWB®., FSAM., FIdA. Advisor & Founder | CREDIT AGRICOLE GROUPE| LCI Asiaeuro Gruppe | ADDACTIS WW | ING BANK GROEP l ALLIANZ WW GRUPPE


Division of Finance:

       • S. Esivanya, CPB®., WAPERD. | LCI Asiaeuroa Gruppe | RLJ Management Consulting & Actuarial


Division of Research & Education:

  • Raymunda Norita SE., FSAI., CPB®. | MANULIFE Financial | KKA Gede & Rekan         
  • Vera Variha SKom., MM., FSAI., CPB®. | EQUITY Life | HEKSA Life | NUSANTARA Life Insurance                      
  • Ibnu Hasyim, FSAI., CPB® | AVRIST Life Insurance         
  • Tju Cunardi, SE., DESS, FSAI., CPB®. | AVRIST Life Insurance | KKA Sienco & Rekan        
  • Erika Damayanti, SE., FSAI., CPB®. | GENERALI Life | COMMONWEALTH Life Insurance        


Division of Professional Standar & Ethic:

  • Yanti Renaldy, S. Sos., CPB®.- | INDEPENDENT Private Banker        
  • Tary Yulianingrum, CPB®. | RLJ Management Consulting & Actuarial


Division of Strategic Cooperation:

  • Nazriel Aditya, CPB®. | INDEPENDENT Private Banker | DANAMON Bank | TELKOMSEL Tbk.          
  • Melati Tanjung, CPB®. | RAYWHITE | CAR Life Insurance     
  • Eni Sundari, CPB®. | INDEPENDENT Private Banker  


Division of Organisation Development & Membership:

  • Tetty Pratiwi SE., ASAI., CPB®. | WILLIS TOWERS WATSON | RLJ Management Consulting & Actuarial | KKA Gede & Rekan  

  • Desy Sitaroza, SE., CPB®. | RLJ Management Consulting & Actuarial       


Division of PR & Advocation

  • Devit Rizal, SIA., FSAI., CPB®. | BNI Life Insurance   


PBI INSTITUTE is independent education and research institute. PBI INSTITUTE was establish effective 21 Sepember 2018 with Inauguration Ceremony in Headquarter Office Singapore and Secretariat Office in Jakarta. ADDACTIS WW, LCI Asiaeuro Gruppe, ING Banking Groep, CREDIT AGRICOLE WW Banking Groupe, Ny. Delima Erica, CPB®., CWB®.(+), EIG Property, ALLIANZ

PT. Haan Leontama
OFFICE 8 TOWER Lantai 18 A SCBD SUDIRMAN Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan, 12190
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
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